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‘I know that some people will find it impossible to believe that such a profound change is possible in such a short space of time. I almost didn’t believe it myself, even during the first few weeks of the therapy but it is no exaggeration to say that this whole process has changed my entire life. I am a new person; I feel like I am finally me’

‘I can barely even remember the distress and the wild upset that I was feeling 2 months ago and although all of the original triggers are still very much present in my life, I now feel only an absolute sense of calm, contentment and inner peace’

‘I love how Alesha creates a space that is so safe that you can unleash all of your demons without fear of judgement and how this space enables a really quick and complete cleansing of all of the old nonsense and leaves you a sense of clarity and calm purpose’

‘I am so happy that I made the decision to go through this process. Instead of fighting fires every few months, I feel like I have hit the reset button and that there are no more fires left to fight. I feel an inner strength that was lacking before and which comes only from finally having a true understanding of myself’

‘The things that were a problem before seem completely irrelevant now and they hold absolutely no weight. I am excited and I feel fully equipped to lead a truly happy, fun and fulfilling life actually being me’

Thank you :)

Neal H – Professional Photographer - Columbia

In-person sessions

‘Alesha was recommended to me by a good friend who had been very impressed with her BWRT work and had seen amazing results herself’.

‘I met with Alesha for Level 2 as I had felt stuck in my personal life for over 30 years. I felt instantly at ease with her and in very safe and professional hands.  The four-session process gives you more and more insight into yourself and your behaviour so you get to know yourself on a deeper level.  However, Alesha seemed to know me better than I know myself, so could guide me easily through the process to achieve such successful results’

‘Since completing the course, I have felt a sense of calm, been far more in control of my emotions and had a much stronger sense of myself and I can now finally move into a much brighter future’
‘I cannot recommend Alesha highly enough to anyone who is looking for a trusted, reliable and knowledgeable Therapist who goes above and beyond to ensure a successful outcome for her Client’

Becky - Interior Designer – Chester UK 


Online sessions
‘I have recently completed Level 2 BWRT with Alesha for poor self-body image and self-worth issues that were deeply affecting my health and happiness. Alesha had an amazing instinct to understand and empathise with me, her knowledge of BWRT has helped me in so many aspects of my life now’

‘Alesha has helped me be so much more aware of myself, which has helped me immensely, the process is so subtle yet so powerful. I started to recognize positive changes and feeling better immediately. I continue to notice everyday how I am reacting totally differently to old stresses that no longer bother me! I feel freed and able to really enjoy being me. These small changes have made a huge difference and are now imbedded within me. I am making so many new and positive changes to my life’

‘I can highly recommend Alesha and the Level 2 experience if you want to be more like your true self. It’s like a re-birth!’
Caroline Conrad – Business Owner of Avon House Health & Beauty Clinic Stratford-Upon-Avon UK

In-person sessions

‘I worked with Alesha on clearing long-established deep-rooted fears. I found this way of working far more effective than other therapies I had tried.  The changes made me feel like I was far more my real self than I had previously been.  I was very aware of the noticeable changes in me which increased my confidence and self-esteem’.

Retired Company Director and Trainer Marilyn McEvoy – Liverpool UK

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