Kinetic Shift

Kinetic Shift Freedom

Kinetic Shift is an energy-based alternative to traditional Hypnotherapy with 7 distinct phases for identifying unwanted emotions or feelings and freeing them rapidly and effectively. Sometimes we can be unaware of how or when a specific issue, emotion or problem originated. We do not express everything verbally and our body can hold-on to these experiences and often we can’t easily describe these feelings in words. This is the key to a Kinetic Shift session; you don’t even have to discuss the issue, unless you want to, and there isn’t a need to revisit the past event or even find the root cause, we are working in the moment of now!

Kinetic Shift uses a combination of techniques to access the negative emotions, these include elements of Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, and Shamanism.

A Kinetic Shift session energises you by releasing ‘held and blocked’ old emotions and bringing in more of what you do want, creating a greater sense of well-being.

This empowers you to move forward with more clarity, freedom and openness. 

Road Through Woods

Kinetic Shift is Active, Intuitive, Dynamic, and energising.

Kinetic Shift works particularly well in resolving:
- fears,
- phobias,
- anxiety,
- weight loss,
- smoking,
- and even PTSD, quickly and effectively.

Get in touch to discuss the possibilities of how you can move forward with a Kinetic Shift Session.