Meditation Coaching and Teaching

Meditation services are available for individuals 1:1 in-person in Cheshire and 1:1 online.

Available for – Teaching in-house corporate staff groups, events, for health and yoga centres for weekly classes, workshops, Immersions and Retreats.

Meditation Balanced Stones
Meditation Class

Learn Meditation techniques to relieve stress, anxiety and improve your health and wellness.

This is perfect for you if you would like to make a powerful change, add value and gain a greater sense of health and wellbeing.

Choose and design your sessions from the following –

• Learn what Meditation is and how it works
• Learn the correct internal mind set for successful meditation practice
• Learn how to set up a meditation space of your own with the use of space clearing, resins, music etc
• Learn how to establish your own consistent home practice
• Learn how to create the perfect personal posture to meditate
• Learn how to prepare the body to meditate
• Know if you are doing it right
• Find the perfect meditation technique that suits you
• How to meditate effectively and get quick results
• How to relax your body and mind
• Practice correct posture
• Practice correct breathing
• Learn how to control your internal state at will
• Learn how to practice mindfulness in your everyday life
• Deepen your own meditation practice
• Know how to use the breath for greater health and well-being
• Know what to do with your thoughts and the busy mind during your meditation practice
• How to use your senses, visualisation, and breath to deepen your experience
• The importance of rest
• Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)
• And much more……

Meditation Practices and techniques as follows-

• Pranayama (use of breath)
• Mindfulness techniques
• Mantra and sound
• Mudras
• Affirmation
• Power of Silence
• Self-enquiry
• I AM meditation
• Still point
• Full body relaxation
• focused attention
• Vipassanā
• Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta Meditation)
• third eye meditation
• Cakra meditation
• Visualisation
• Guided imagery
• Open awareness Meditation
• Concentration exercises
• Use of Binaural beats etc.

Meditation for Everyone.

From the complete beginner to the well-practiced meditator, learn and experience a varied array of meditation techniques.

Experience and receive a personalised guided meditation digitally recorded for you to keep that supports you in the setting up of your own regular practice.


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