Journey with me to free your true self

Let me fall if I must fall. The one I become will catch me

Baal Shem Tov

Welcome to Alesha Keen’s online meeting point for rapid change therapies and coaching

My Approach

At the heart of my therapeutic practice is a deep commitment to creating a tailored, client-centric experience that transcends traditional therapy and coaching methods. I offer an environment of confidentiality and trust, where every concern, however seemingly trivial or deeply-rooted, is treated with compassion, respect, and absolute non-judgement.

With two decades of diverse therapeutic training, I specialise in quickly and effectively liberating your mind from emotional and psychological obstacles. My mission is to empower you, assisting you in rediscovering your true self, stepping into the potential that you are and taking back control over your own life again.

Utilising innovative, solution-oriented methods, I deliver transformative results that break free from disruptive behavioural patterns. Our partnership paves the way for a future liberated from the past, propelling you towards creating the life you desire.

Together, we’ll navigate your path to personal freedom, releasing layers of conditioned thought to reveal your inherent confidence, self-worth, and resilience. We will strive for a clear mindset, perfectly aligning with your unique values and potential. This paves the way to realise your personal success, offering you the freedom to achieve beyond boundaries.

I would be delighted to discuss your therapeutic and coaching requirements to see how I can assist you to overcome your life challenges, and what therapy will be best suited to this. To book a FREE initial consultation please complete the following form: ‘Book A Free Consultation’ or call me on 0151 510 1959 or 07970 40 40 62, alternatively you can email me at:

My Therapies & Coaching can be conducted in person, at my clinic in Cheshire, UK, or distant / online via phone or zoom online meeting platform.

My focus is your success, whatever that looks like to you!

I look forward to meeting you

Choosing me to Coach you to Success

As your coach, I will employ proven scientific methods to maximize your potential by rewiring and reframing your thinking, enabling you to gain greater mastery over your own mind.

My aim is to unleash the very best in you, propelling you towards accelerated success, whatever that may mean to you.

I will serve as your steadfast advocate, holding you accountable and pushing you beyond your limits to foster personal empowerment. Together, we will work towards connecting you with your deepest desires and purpose, aligning your path with your inner compass.

Services Offered

I offer BWRT Level 1 and Level 2 services, providing rapid and effective therapy for deep-seated issues. Additionally, my Emotional and Transpersonal Psychotherapy sessions promote holistic healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

BWRT Level 1

Level 1 deals with issues that you feel happen to you – they can be situations or triggers that create an automatic reaction in you, however with the right understanding you could control them.

BWRT Level 2

Level 2 deals with issues that you feel are internal to you, they feel PART of your identity, and just the way you are. You do not feel able to control these issues as they are so much PART of who you think you are.

Emotional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy

This is a blend of techniques and methodologies from traditional counselling, coaching and spiritual practices with wisdom teachings. It is truly holistic and supports the full integration of the whole person.


Helping you to make positive and mindful changes in your life so that your past does not have to be your future…


BWRT – I do not profess to diagnose, ‘treat’ or ‘cure’ medical conditions. BWRT is a form of psychotherapy and I work solely with the psychological processes associated with any condition.
Please note:
Some issues can be highly complicated and I do not claim that BWRT® will be effective for every client. I always recommend you consult your GP to discuss any symptoms you may have. Therapy works differently for each individual and therefore levels of success and length of treatment may vary. BWRT® is not intended as a replacement for detox treatment for alcoholism or substance abuse but rather as a complement to these. BWRT® can produce very good resolution of symptoms of reactive depression; however, if the depression is primary, i.e. not related to anything else, BWRT® is less likely to be as effective. Clients wishing to reduce or come off medication are advised to consult with the GP before starting therapy.

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