Emotional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy

A totally integrated approach

Emotional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy is a blend of techniques and methodologies from traditional counselling, coaching and spiritual practices with wisdom teachings.

It is truly holistic and supports the full integration of the whole person – Healthy Mind, Body and Soul.

What is Emotional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy?

It is a unique combination –

Emotional – getting in touch with blocked, stuck or suppressed emotions then gently bringing about understanding and release.

Transpersonal – is a humanistic approach to therapy which values wholeness and addresses areas of our consciousness beyond the limits of our personal identity. This is why transpersonal psychology addresses, equally, all aspects of our being (spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, physical and creative) to help us heal and grow.

Psychotherapy – Using the unconscious and conscious mind, looking at limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns, then creating healthy positive alternative thought re-patterning’s. Using the latest understanding in Neuroscience.

How Emotional and Transpersonal Psychotherapy Works?

Emotional and Transpersonal Psychotherapy follows no rigid guidelines or rules, although there is a clear structure to every session.

To start – we begin with a foundational session which focuses in on your goals needs and wants and then looking at what qualities and attributes you need to fulfil them. We will also assess what stories, beliefs, and limitations you have both consciously and subconsciously that would be preventing you attaining your goals. I include personal profiling and Numerology to begin so that we are starting off with the spirit and mind body being considered equally.

Through using more holistic interventions and strategies, you have the opportunity to take more responsibility for your own wellbeing. Letting go of limiting self-beliefs, fostering self-acceptance and opening up your heart this allows self-love and love for others to flow with more ease.

This allows for a deeper soul level understanding of the issues entangling us, these sessions go further to encourage an even more meaningful connection with the deeper core of self, which when set in motion, works to bring great perspective and balance to our lives. This connection with your own inner voice guides you to make wiser choices in life and experience more empowerment. From this stable and deeper place of self-acceptance, we can begin to challenge other self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that are holding us back, to promote real positive change.

Emotional and Transpersonal Psychotherapy strives to reclaim daily challenges as tools to our understanding while continually embracing and redefining our choices as part of our own unique personal soul journey.

In Essence

The aim is to integrate and heal our fragmented self, striving not to reject or disclaim any part but coming from a positive place of empowerment and acceptance of every element that makes up who we are.

  • Problems at work
  • Confidence and self-esteem and self-worth
  • Challenges with your partner or family
  • Learning how to deal with fear, anger, grief or depression.
  • An inner feeling of frustration or emptiness,
  • The sense that we have somehow gone off track and lost our purpose,
  • The persistent feeling that something essential is missing from life.
  • Balancing the Mind body and Spirit leading to a more fully integrated life experience.
  • Feeling lost and hopeless and powerless
  • Not understanding why your life is the way it is
  • Feeling cut off from a part of yourself
  • Difficulties with connection, self and others
  • Not feeling grounded or able to create the life you want
  • It can assist you to:
  • Create a joyous, meaningful and authentic life
  • Heal the negative beliefs and fears that prevent you from fulfilling your true potential
  • Learn to be present with your feelings without judging or pushing them away so they can gently release and heal
  • Witness your thoughts and beliefs in order to see whether they are really true and helpful
  • Turn within and discover who you really are and what your soul yearns for
  • Access the wisdom of your inner guidance and learn how to make choices that are right for you
  • Use meditation, and other spiritual practices to develop your own personal connection with the source of all
  • Experience deeper and deeper levels of love, compassion, wisdom and happiness as you integrate your spiritual life into daily life
  • Be more purposeful and focused
  • Increase your levels of creativity and versatility
  • Get on better with more types of people
  • Deepen your relationships and strengthen existing ones…….

The Approach

Emotional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy takes the Soul, rather than the Mind, as its starting point of balance. In Emotional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy the emphasis is on wholeness, dealing with the whole person, and assisting you to your inner balance and integration of all the dimensions of Self. By developing and nurturing a greater sense of “I” it empowers you to fulfil your life’s purpose in a more satisfying and meaningful way leading you to experience a deeper feeling of completeness.

Emotional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy helps us to find our way home, the truth of who we really are with authenticity, purpose and wholeness. Each session is personalised accordingly as every person is unique. We focus on your core inner connection which in turn opens a sacred heart space for you to work from and this allows healing to take place. When we heal the hurts, negative beliefs and stories that prevent us from living in our natural state of happiness and joy we are again connected to our true self’s.

The Sessions

The sessions are active and creative, responding to the immediate issues brought to the session. Human beings are innately motivated towards achieving their highest potential of awareness and fulfilment; my role is to support you with this.

Emotional and Transpersonal Psychotherapy has an expanded view of life, recognising that the world is a complex mystery and it takes into account belief systems, universal & personal energy systems, intuitive psychic realities, karmic interplay, subconscious and super conscious states of awareness, metaphysical experiences, spiritual theology, spiritual presence and higher-self cosmic connections.

Emotional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy helps you with any aspect of your spiritual or personal development. We can also address any concerns about your life path, how to live in the moment more “NOW”, understand what your karma is and how to transform the challenges into gifts, discover your place within the divine plan, how to relate to others in a deeper and more life affirming way, and what spiritual practises to adopt.

This can then allow you to express your true nature out in the world to share with others your gifts and talents with intimate wisdom, authenticity and integrity. In essence Emotional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy is for those who know, sense or feel they are a spiritual-being having a very Human experience, and have the desire to re-connect to a deeper life meaning whilst potentially “healing” everyday issues.

Helping you to make positive and mindful changes in your life so that your past does not have to be your future…


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