Embracing the Mystical Journey

“Love reveals everything that is not love.” Mark Whitwell

Embracing the Mystical Journey: The Way of the Heart Yoga


Welcome to a realm where yoga transcends the physical, where the practice is an intimate dance between strength and receptivity, and where each breath is a step closer to the cosmos. My name is Alesha Keen, and I invite you to walk with me on a path less trodden – “The Way of the Heart Yoga.” Born from a profound personal quest for a spiritually centred practice, this journey is a homage to the ancient traditions and a direct lineage from the revered Krishnamacharya, through my beloved teacher Mark Whitwell to you.

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A Journey Beyond Modern Yoga

Modern yoga offers a plethora of benefits, from physical health to mental clarity. However, if your soul thirsts for something deeper, if you seek a practice that is not just an exercise but a gateway to your innermost being, then the lineage of “The Heart of Yoga” beckons. In my search, I discovered that while modern yoga nurtures the body and mind, the Way of the Heart leads from, to, and through the heart, opening us to a connection with our body and the vast cosmos beyond.

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The Way of the Heart: A Spiritual Beacon

Why might one be drawn to “The Way of the Heart Yoga”? It’s simple. This practice is not about achieving the perfect posture or mastering the most complex sequences. It’s about participating in a lineage rooted in the ancient wisdom that views yoga as a seamless process of asana, pranayama, and meditation. It’s about feeling the divine interplay of strength and receptivity – the foundational principle of “strength receiving” as beautifully articulated by Mark Whitwell.

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Understanding “Strength Receiving”

“Strength receiving” encapsulates the essence of hatha yoga – a harmony of masculine strength and feminine receptivity. This principle teaches us that true power lies in the balance; inhaling deeply with relaxation, we receive, and exhaling with gentle strength, we give. It’s in this balance that we find our practice, and our practice finds its purpose, preparing our body and mind for the deep stillness of meditation.

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The Heart of the Practice: Ujjayi Breath and Beyond

At the core of our practice is the Ujjayi breath, the victorious breath that guides us into presence and awareness. It’s not merely a technique; it’s the rhythm of our existence, the sound of our inner sea. With each Ujjayi breath, we prepare ourselves for meditation, moving beyond the physical asanas to touch the mystical, to experience the spiritual alchemy that transforms us.

Mark Whitwell and Alesha Keen

A Platform of Yoga Education for the World

Mark Whitwell often stresses, “The heart of yoga is not a brand, a style, or an institution. It’s a platform of yoga education for the world.” This statement resonates deeply with me as I extend the teachings of “The Way of the Heart Yoga” to you. It’s about direct participation in life, about embracing the pure existents that is here and now. Yoga, in this context, is not a method for seeking but a practice of being, a way to release from our bodies what we don’t need and embrace what we inherently are.

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Invitation to the Way of the Heart

As you stand at the crossroads of your yoga journey, if your heart longs for a practice that leads you back to yourself, to a place of utter intimacy with life as it unfolds, then “The Way of the Heart Yoga” is for you. Here, in the lineage of Krishnamacharya and through the teachings of Mark Whitwell, we find a yoga that is inclusive, a yoga that is an act of love, a full-bodied prayer to the universe.

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Join me in this sacred space where yoga is a seamless harmony of body, breath, and spirit. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, heart to heart, breath by breath, in the beautiful, spiritual practice that is “The Way of the Heart Yoga.”

I run Day Retreats – Yoga Immersions – One to One Yoga Sessions and Meditation Classes.

I would love to hear from you if you would like to join one of my events – Alesha x




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